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WCB/WSIB Cost Recovery

Our Completely Risk Free WCB/WSIB Cost Recovery Proposal

WCB/WSIB Cost Recovery

By In News, WSIB On February 1, 2015

Our WCB/WSIB Cost Recovery approach allows employers to engage SE-GA ’s expertise by allowing us to perform a retroactive review of your entire NEER, CAD-7 or MAP workers’ compensation history to discover financial oversights pertaining to your account. When these savings opportunities are identified, SE-GA will do all the work required to obtain them, accessing most of the information directly from your provincial workers’ compensation board. Whether this means preparation and representation at the WCB/WSIB Appeals and Tribunal or seeking an independent medical opinion for greater clarity to support our submission, we incur all the expenses and you will not be charged unless we are successful in obtaining real savings on your behalf.

Furthermore, our WCB/WSIB Cost Recovery engagement also includes one (30) minutes of consultative WCB/WSIB help which can be used to discuss a variety of issues and advice on: CAD-7 or NEER surcharge or rebate help, assistance in understanding your CAD-7 or NEER experience rating statement, completing a Form-7, discussing WCB/WSIB appeals, tribunal or WSIAT representation or simply to seek advice on a recent offer of modified work on a claim.

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