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April 13th 11:00 am: Hospitals & Healthcare

April 27th 11:00 am: Transportation, Manufacturing & Construction


“Closing the Gap: the disconnect between your annual reports and your real time data”


  • Why Most employers do not read their Accident Cost Statement because they don’t understand them
  • Why The majority of companies do not open this statement every month and many never open these statements
  • Why It’s not really your report
  • Why It’s the Board’s tracking of dollars charged to your account and they share it with you
  • Why Every claim that drew cost in the past month is on that statement regardless of the accident date
  • Why Your company only cares about claims on or after January 1, 2017
  • What to do about worker appeals
  • How to understand the new experience rating statements

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The seminar was fantastic the other day, I am so glad that I could attend. Your Team takes a complex subject and makes it seem much less intimidating. There was so much useful information, and tips. Some of which I have already put to use.”
Ontario Hospital Disability Management Specialist

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