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Understanding NEER and Understanding CAD-7 seminars throughout Ontario

No- Charge Education Session in June

NEER and CAD-7 were very challenging to the majority of our clients. The Rate Framework model is entirely different. The Experience Rating Documents are brand new, and every claim has long-term implications.

If employers understand claim costs they will have the ability to better prevent and manage claims. To help our companies navigate this system at 10 am every Wednesday in June SE-GA will provide (no-charge) Education sessions.

The session will focus on:

  • How the WSIB determined your 2020 premium rate
  • How premium rates will change annually
  • The Extended Premium Rate Statement
  • The Claim Detail Statement
  • The drivers of rate changes
  • Your new best friend
  • The key differences between NEER/CAD-7 & the new model.

Please e-mail or call 416-463-7342 ext. 2 to reserve your spot.

July Seminars – WSIB 101

This one hour WSIB 101 webinar will demonstrate to employers what should be in their claims management toolbox. Participants will learn:

  • The process of a claim
  • Forms
  • Claims Management
  • Appeals
  • Stakeholder Responsibilities
    • Including worker responsibilities
  • Understand the Transition from NEER (CAD-7) to the Rate Framework model

Please note that each Webinar is limited to 50 attendees.

Additional Webinar/Seminar information TBA. If you would like to discuss a webinar for your organization, please contact us at

The seminar was fantastic the other day, I am so glad that I could attend. Your Team takes a complex subject and makes it seem much less intimidating. There was so much useful information, and tips. Some of which I have already put to use.”
Ontario Hospital Disability Management Specialist


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