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Understanding NEER and Understanding CAD-7 seminars throughout Ontario

HRPA *VIRTUAL* Wellness Day: Understanding how the WSIB’s new Rate Framework Modernization model works.

Charles Gaffney & Bob Hopkins will be speaking on the New WSIB Rate framework program!

Understanding how the WSIB’s new Rate Framework Modernization model works.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how NEER costs impact me moving forward
  • What’s new & what’s different?
  • New Rate Groups/Individualized Premium Rates
  • How will claims be charged to my company?
  • How to prepare my organization for these changes?
  • The role of the supervisor and worker in the new model.
  • Why Cost Relief is a critical tool for Rate Framework Modernization
  • Transitional Policies (2020-2022) Full Implementation January 2023
  • The financial impact of modified work and the downside to not accommodating injured workers.
  • How to determine and forecast future WSIB premium costs.
  • The latest information on Mental Health Claims & Presumptive PTSD claims

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The seminar was fantastic the other day, I am so glad that I could attend. Your Team takes a complex subject and makes it seem much less intimidating. There was so much useful information, and tips. Some of which I have already put to use.”
Ontario Hospital Disability Management Specialist


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