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Premium Rate Management for Hospitals – Feb 17th

On February 17th from 10:00 – 11:30 am SE-GA will be presenting, via ZOOM, an updated presentation on the Rate Framework model: Premium Rate WSIB Management

As we enter Year 2 of the WSIB’s Rate Framework many Ontario Hospitals still have more questions than answers:

  • What does the final NEER statement mean for my Hospital?
    • What if I have pending decisions?
    • Can we launch new NEER appeals?
    • NEW FOR 2021: Information on the WSIB’s Special NEER Adjustment in 2021
  • How did the WSIB determine my premium rate?
  • Can we project our future year premium rates?
  • What do the new Premium Rate Extended and Claims Detail Statements mean?  
    • Does it reveal trends or one-time impacts?
  • If we gain cost relief how would we know if it was applied?
    • How would we know the financial gain of a cost relief decision?
  • What is the “worst” type of claim?
  • Should we be doing anything differently? Prevention? Claims Management?

This session is exclusive to Ontario Hospitals and any attendee will be entitled to a one on one session after the session to review your 2020 Premium Rate Extended Statement and Claims Detail Statement

Please send us a note at: or so that we can send you the ZOOM link for this session and also feel free to share this within your Health Care provider network.

Please note that each Webinar is limited to 50 attendees.

Additional Webinar/Seminar information TBA. If you would like to discuss a webinar for your organization, please contact us at

The seminar was fantastic the other day, I am so glad that I could attend. Your Team takes a complex subject and makes it seem much less intimidating. There was so much useful information, and tips. Some of which I have already put to use.”
Ontario Hospital Disability Management Specialist


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