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GTA Area Hospital

Our Hospital engaged SE-GA as they were the successful vendor of our Request for Proposal for WSIB Cost Recovery services in 2018. Since that time we have worked closely with SE-GA; to date they have been very successful on behalf of our Hospital and our expectation is they will continue to do so well into [...][...]

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Ontario Hospital Disability Management Specialist

The seminar was fantastic the other day, I am so glad that I could attend. Your Team takes a complex subject and makes it seem much less intimidating. There was so much useful information, and tips. Some of which I have already put to use.”[...]

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Clara Industrial Services

Clara was approached by SEGA to provide their services and in a very short amount of time was able to generate results with minimal time investment on our part. We would definitely recommend SEGA’s services to help reduce your workers’ compensation costs.[...]

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Jo-Ann Ball

SEGA has been providing workers’ compensation services to Magellan Aerospace. They have been successful in reclassification of one of our rate groups which has lowered our premiums as well as having several claims reduced. SEGA is one supplier you will want to outsource to, as they can provide a truly tangible return on investment.[...]

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Linda Dier

SEGA is working successfully with Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre providing cost recovery services with terrific results.[...]

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Gary McCullough

SEGA has worked successfully providing cost recovery services to Southlake Regional Health Centre.[...]

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Barbara Plant

We are sending this note as we have just received our September NEER statement and are thrilled by our rebate! Much of this rebate is attributable to our internal efforts at both prevention and return to work activities however we also recognize the significant contribution of SEGA Consulting. Your work getting us Cost Relief has amplified [...][...]

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Bill Chislett

SEGA provides multiple services to Chislett Roofing. They have been successful in finding us money from 10 years ago outside the CAD-7 window as well as providing us with ongoing support with complex claims management and direction on dealing with a WSIB Revenue Audit.[...]

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Sandi L Bowker

SEGA has been working with Unimin for over 2 years and we are continually impressed with their professionalism, support and especially the results. Most recently they represented Unimin at a hearing of the Tribunal and were very successful on our behalf.[...]

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Barry Keeler

We engaged SEGA after we had worked with two other WSIB consultants. SEGA was able to secure a significant savings for our company on the same issues that were pursued previously.[...]

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