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Rennie Kissoonsingh

SEGA was able to obtain for Omni Facility Services a sizeable recovery from a 2006 claim in the summer of 2011.[...]

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Heather Leslie

SEGA Consulting has worked with FirstOnSite Restoration by helping gain greater understanding of our NEER and CAD-7 risks and opportunities. In a very short period of time from when they started with our company we are able to see direct results from their cost recovery work. Their support has been quite beneficial to improving our [...][...]

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Julie Turner

JNE hired SEGA in 2010 to review a past WSIB claim. We expended a lot of time and effort on this claim but we could not reduce the cost of the claim at all. SEGA took this claim all the way to the Tribunal and was able to reduce the cost of that claim by [...][...]

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Tammy Agnew

Turn Key Staffing Solutions engaged SEGA’s services to review an issue where a previous consultant was unable to obtain any financial  results. Through their cost recovery program, SEGA was able to obtain generate success for our organization on this same issue, even though it had already fallen outside of the NEER window. We would not [...][...]

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Richard Carson

SEGA Workplace Consulting has become an integral part of our WSIB team. Their insight and advice have been very useful on a number of issues including WSIAT matters. Most recently they achieved a 90% savings on a very costly claim.    [...]

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Dan Soucie

SEGA provided Koprash with an in depth review and analysis of our high cost claims from the past. As this was a no financial risk proposal,  we did not incur any additional fees based on the fact that it was strictly accident cost credits which SEGA obtained on our behalf and did not result in [...][...]

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